"Jess listens with both her heart and mind, and then speaks from those same places, accessing tidbits of wisdom that always seem to touch on what I need.  Best of all, she always, ALWAYS helps me to steer towards appropriate solutions and goals, every time we meet. I never feel like she’s telling me what to do, but rather she helps guide me towards the right place for me to go on my own. Jess has definitely got some kind of mojo when it comes to this stuff!" -- Ruth, Austin, TX


Jess has done an incredible job of helping me sort through a variety of issues in my career and personal life. During our sessions, she helped me get to the heart of matters in order to find solutions. Using great compassion and empathy, she provided me with tools and strategies that have alleviated anxiety and allowed me to move forward with greater success. I'm so grateful to Jess for helping me to better understand myself and how to enact my true potential.” – Austin, TX


"Jess helped me break the habits that hindered my creative voice and internal satisfaction.  She has imparted me with tools and questions to help me continue my journey of discovery and I am beyond thankful for her guidance and support.”  --Terri, Boston, MA

Jess made me feel supported, comfortable and encouraged while offering me valuable insights and suggestions about my performance style. Her positive and friendly demeanor make her a very easy and disarming person to be around, especially in situations that require vulnerability. Thanks to Jess, I was able to work through some anxiety and add layers of depth that had been previously lacking in my performance.” – Austin, TX


Jess has helped me take a different look at problems and situations that have given me a lot of stress and anxiety. By offering an alternative perspective, she has given me insight into myself and my way of thinking, and has helped me view things in a much more positive light.” -- Charles C., Austin, TX

"I first came to Jess to work on stage performance, not specifically life-coaching.  Having been in therapy and counseling before, I thought I was aware and in control of all my "things" but was unaware of how interconnected feeling powerful and connected in "real" life and feeling powerful and connected on stage are ...and how the two feel when they're genuinely existing in tandem.  Working with Jess has helped me acknowledge the places in my life and performances that were causing repeated uneasiness and helped me approach those sticky places differently.  She is an excellent listener and the questions she asks are very thoughtful and help me dig deeper within my feelings to find answers."  -- Austin, TX

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