about life coaching

Are you feeling stuck?  Could you benefit from some gentle but direct assistance?  Are you unable to communicate effectively with a partner or family member, having trouble standing up for yourself at work, pushing people away with anger issues, feeling unmotivated, or even just living with an empty feeling of "I don't know what I want"?

My goal is to help you fully embrace life and relationships.  Any issue that gets in the way of that is a good starting place for working with a life coach. Life coaching differs from traditional therapy in its starting point: it assumes there is nothing wrong with the client. In other words, you’re not a patient and I’m not a doctor.  I am a fellow person who has acquired some effective tools and wants to share those tools with you.  I want to stand with you as you learn new ways of approaching old patterns, as you transform your perspective and your life.

Working with a life coach is about taking responsibility for yourself and letting go of what you can't control.  The tremendous reward is your own heart, open to yourself and to the world around you. 

In 2014 I studied with the teachers at Life Coach Austin.  As I earned my Coaching Certification I learned tools to help myself and others figure out just what it is that we want to achieve in this life, and then how to get there.  The process made me feel more empowered, more at peace with myself, and better able to navigate life’s challenges.  I love helping other people make those changes in themselves.

My coaching business "It's My Life, Baby!" is named after one of my favorite blues albums by Junior Wells.  Wells always sounds to me like he can appreciate the rhythm and humor in life even as he's expressing longing and pain.  It's my belief that to create effective change in our life we must first do what Junior does: dig deep, express our pain in some way.  Then we have reclaimed our power to create something new.  Then we are free.   

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about performance coaching

I have spent the last 20 years touring across the US, Europe and Japan on my own and with such artists as Arlo Guthrie, John Fullbright, Butch Hancock, and Randy Weeks.  In that time I've performed my songs for audiences of 10,000 people and audiences of 10 people.  I've performed in front of critics, dj's, other artists, rabid fans and people who were eagerly awaiting their favorite headlining artist when instead I took the stage as an opener.  

What I've learned from these experiences and from the performance coaches I have been blessed to work with is that "stage presence"  - literally the ability to be present on stage and therefore give a captivating show - is an inside job.  The lighting, the sound system, the number of people in the audience, the mood of the audience - these factors are often not in your control as a performer.  What is in your control is what you are doing.   Are you connected to the words as you are singing them?  To the notes you are playing?  What do you do when someone heckles you or you think the audience is not enjoying you as much as you want them to?  Are you frequently distracted by your inner critic?    

These are issues every performer faces.  Through our work together you can experience being fully in your body onstage, absorbed in the moment and making music with abandon.  This is what makes for a great performance.  Whether you want to attract a fanbase who adores you based on your authentic expression, or even just feel a little more comfortable getting up and playing your own songs, I can help you feel genuinely excited about performing.  

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A couple years ago I started to feel like I wanted to come up with a secondary career for when I'm not on the road, something that would inspire me and draw me out of my shell the same way performing does.  I have always enjoyed coaching performers to be more present on stage and have always been the person my friends have come to for advice and to tell their secrets to. The idea of Life Coaching intrigued me.

Throughout 2014 I studied at Austin Life Coach, a long time coaching practice which offers a training program for would-be coaches. Our first task as students was to name something we wanted to change within ourselves and commit to making that change. That's powerful stuff! Over many intensive weekends and workshops, I learned that transforming myself gives me a real ability to understand others' journeys and challenges.

Interestingly, the processes of coaching and songwriting are actually quite similar: In both situations I have to be willing to go all the way into an emotion, look at it squarely in the face, accept it and then come out the other side with something new.  I love to write about overcoming obstacles.  I also have to be direct in both situations.  In a song, you only have 3-4 minutes to get the whole thing across - no time for filler!  In a coaching session I have 45-60 minutes to help someone see how they can begin to change something.  To show them it's in their power to change themselves.  When I write I feel powerful because I know that I can write my own story - I can decide where I am going.  It's the same theme in coaching.  It's encouraging someone to write their own story and not be stopped by fear.  

I look forward to working with you. 

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